A presentation of
Incubusvane Publishing

In this issue:


Uncle Lou's Treasure
Brian W. Keen

Recycling Clara
C. Dennis Moore

Feeding Time
Gerald Sheagren

The Prophet Motive
Gregory Story


Christopher Hivner

Julie Shiel

Publisher and Editor in Chief:
Eric S. Brown

General Assistant Editor:
Jason Brannon

Horror and Poetry Editor:
C.G. Davis


Well...here it is, folks. The final issue of Night Shopping Netzine.

We hope you'll enjoy it and always think fondly of us when you look back. It's okay to do that, after all, as long as you're not in a horror movie. It can get *really* messy if you are and do.

We thank all of you for your support and all da luv you've shown us. We wouldn't have made it as far as we did without you.


Keep an eye out for Dark Illusions...coming early 2004.

From Silver Lake Publishing

Undaunted Press



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