Da Azn Crew was founded on December. It started when a few of us started talking about DDR and started to go nuts on the idea of a crew and to start a DDR competition along wit that... Basically, we were trying to get DDR back at West and started recruiting people for it and now it turns out the crew is more than that, haha. I've taken the liberty of creating a site about this crew and is basically a journal I guess... Yes... I got too much time on my hands. Alrite, that's enough for this blurb!

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Number of Members: 14
Last Member Joined: Dec. 1/05


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April 22: Added: New character Sketches (Since my story's gonna have cartoon vesions of the azn crew in em! Later, im gonna have real pics beside em and u can decide whether we look like them or not! lol. Andddd I added some azn stuff under random favs. Super good albums that took me 4ever to find! Theyre all jpop!

March 3: Added: New Story in Others called One Missed call 2!

Feb 12: Added: Azns in Downtown pics, vids and blog on my msn space @ rite here

Jan. 8: Added: One Missed Call story. it's a horror story based on a jap horror movie. I rewrote it wit a lil modification and of course, the azn crew execs as characters! lmaoz, so funny! Some of the events did happen in real life too! The story is under azn crew products>others. Have fun reading!

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