This Rare sight is only viewed when one of our team's farts contacts an open flame.
HGP Armory
Dodge This!
                                             Side Arms:                                                                            Munitions:
Kingman-Sypder Shutter
Cat in a Box---> Pretty Sick Huh?
Tippmann 98 Custom
98' Custom
Spyder Shutter
Blade 02...God Pity the person
who owns one of these markers.
Cat in a Jar...Explodes on contact, Releasing a ferocious kitten.
Worr Games T-Ranger
Potato Cannon:
A combustion weapon made from PVC used to fire potatos at high velocity.  So far we have 5 registered kills.  We are currently testing to make a lower velocity  paintball grenade launcher.
For the Spud cannon
Fun Fun
Recreational Vehicles
We use this to blow things up real good!
These little babies travel at a speed of 190 miles per hour.  The amount shown will last us about 10 seconds.
Our members train for action
by playing a fast paced game of
buggy paintball in one of our
42 extreme carts.
The militia currently owns two
Abrham class battle tanks.
Civilian Transportation
The tank...notice the dice in the window (oh yeah)
Its invisible?!?
This short range stealth operations vehicle can hold a team of nine, plus gear.  Its common uses are for live fire insertions and for armor in full combat situations.  This little devil can be found out in front of our Abrhams doing the dirty work.  It doubles as our daily transport vehicle.
The HGP are currently in the process of upgrading the "tank" to equip a Rocket Propelled Grenade Turret and M60 tailgun.  Unfortunately we sustained damage to the right door pannel in our last conflict with the Lawn Gnome Federation.  One of their tiny skulls smacked the tank as a Pantball collided with its head; creating a huge dent and a nice mess.
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