My Quilting Friends
                       March of 1997 we met Joy and her husband
                       Billy from Georgia. We had such a wonderful
                        time that we spent our summer vacation with
                                   them again in July of 1997.

                                 This is the next cyber quilting
                                           friend I met, Shirley (QuiltWiz).
                                                           This is Jean (quiltmag) and me after
                                      a long day. We had such fun! Do we
                                      look tired......Jean is editor of QUILT

                      Sharon (Momm1) from New Jersey. A very dear
                                friend I chat with in #QuiltTalk. I was very
                                  happy to finally meet and hug her in person.

                            This is Penny (Nine-Patches) she came with
                         Sharon to visit me and I took this picture with
                          her  favorite quilt made by her dear friends in
                          #QuiltTalk.     Below is me wrapped in a
                         quilt top Penny gave me, its gorgeous and I'm
                              sorry the picture doesn't do it proper justice.

                            Not the greatest picture...I will take another
                                one soon. The quilt top is gorgeous, I will be
                          adding a drop border with a scallop. Penny does
                                     outstanding quilting and fast.

                                 This is Pam (Autoquilter) from
                                Australia, she stayed with us for a
                              couple of weekends this past June. We
                              had a wonderful time getting to know
                                             each other better.



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