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I hear that some Folks like snow.......
tumbling bear

and really enjoy it to no end.......



I am not one of them.


I prefer to.......

sit near the

fireplace   and

person at pc typing



Data Dogg

lies under my desk 
and keeps my feet warm.

Then I can.......

guy in wheelchair

out to the fridge

and get a

piece of

birthday cake

And a nice HOT

cup of hot coffee

to tide me over till supper.

Background, Data Dogg picture and written content 
of this page are copyrighted 2001 by Betty Lee, Glens Falls, NY 
Most of the other graphics used are of unknown origin, 
many sent to me in e-mails or on Aim, except the pc man 
which came from Charles Tupper's Bellsnwhistles website.

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