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>Night Kids 2K2 Welcome to our website devoted to RC cars. I am Prelude the Leader of the Night kids 2k2 and designer of the website. We created this website for our friends to follow in our hobbies RC racing. Our RC garages consist of only Import cars these are the cars we love. If u look at at each of out link u see a [JL] tag infront showing our clan devotion. Along with play with RC we all also Play CS and [JL] is our clan. Our Clan leader is [JL]=RedruM=. he is also the owner of the Celica GT4 u see in these pictures. His link is not yet ready. MoneyCa$hClothe$Car$ aka "Money" for short is a member of both nightkids2k2 and [JL]. his link is also not yet ready but his garage contain 1 chasis with 3 bodies a NSX, 350Z and the S2000 u see here. And Me, Prelude|Poomps| my garage contains just the Skyline. If u want so see my Car a little more closer click on my Link. Thanks for coming to the site, there more to come soon, hope u enjoyed your time i am OUT.
Its December and its Christmas time i thought i would just like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Especially NATE DOGG on his first Christmas. Nightkids 2k2 is going to Be putting up new pictures and getting ready for an intense next season. My (Prelude) car (Skyline) seems to be the fastest on paper with new bearings and a new Engine. Money's car also has a new engine and is looking to continue his progress in speed. Redrum (aka Supra) increased his styling by getting a new Body (denso Supra). Next season should be exciting. We are always looking for new Members to race with in the Edmonton area. Or if u want use to link to u we can. Just E-mail us at [email protected]
The Ulimate Drift
Well its Feburary and the nightkids2k2 has taken a break. Snow has kept are cars off the roads and on the carpets at home. So now what are we suppose to do? the answer COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 Beta has been released and we are all playing it. Other than that all of use are concentrating on school. The Page hasn't had much changes because the digital camera was broken and just recently was replaced. so expect more pictures to come well till next time nights
- Prelude
August is here. and the Nigtkids2k2 has really slowed down. Personally my Skyline has gotten a new motor and some nice new pieces to it. i have added rear disc brakes with i think look cool i have also gotten some new chrome wheels to. A new motor has also been added which make drfting a whole lot easier. i am still on the hunt for a charger and new batteries which i hope to get soon. i don't spend too much money oin my car anymore because golf is a expensive sport to play. this winter i hope to get a new digital camera so i can take some pictures cause RedruM never seem to have this camera ready when we want to use it. i hope to get some new pictures up soon. have a good summer.
I have gotten 2 new pictures now and here they are:
the first is a picture of My Chasis
the Second picutre is with my Car and my NEW CHROME WHEELS tell me which ones looks better?
Its February and things are slow. i hope this coming year to get some new stuff like a buggy, E-maxx, HPI rally, or and HPI Mini. everything is going so slow but a new digital camera is on the horizon so expect a few short movies and some new pictures in the future. to everyone out there have a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR the year of the MONKEY!!!!!  
Special Thanks to Shini for helping with the website.
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