The Royal Knights
Have you ever wanted to be a knight in shining armor? Well, this may be your closest chance. This is all new role playing game. With this new multiplayer experience you can become a knight or even a king. You can enter jousting compettions and battles. Go ahead try it!
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To sign up just click the link below and write your name and what type of fighter you want to be.
There are three different types of warriors you can be. You can be a knight, samurai, or an archer. To start out as a knight you are first a page. To start out as a samurai you are first a warrior. To start as an archer you are first an apprentice. As you gain power your rank changes and you become a better fighter. You can then corporate in battles. The strongest fighter is one of the army's commander.
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It takes approximatley 6 days to become a fighter
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