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  Just little ole' me. You'll learn a lot  about me from these simple links and this wonderful song playing, Kim Carnes singing 'Betty Davis Eyes'   I like to have my fair share of fun, which doesn't happen often enough, for my liking.  Of course, that's the way it usually is, right? I have a big heart...sometimes it just happens to be full of breaks.
   I'm 30 years old (ack! Did I just admit that!?) married and have 2 children. I enjoy exploring nature, my pets (most of the time...lol) spending time with loved ones, writing, being alone sometimes (we ALL need that), making polymer clay figures, painting, and when I really need to contemplate something I get out some cross-stitch. Yes, I've been working on the same cross-stitch for about a year now! So what...LOL
   I've been told by many that I can be quite ditzy. Nah...they just don't understand me. My mind is usually elsewhere, that's all. As my mother says "Your roots are showing" (that's her way of saying I'm acting like a ditzy blonde, although I know many smart blondes...hhhmmm)
   I was raised on a very small farm in North East Ohio. Very small.... with lots of cats... hhmmm, a cat farm, first one I've heard of. And, yep, I actually helped butcher animals on a few occasions.... wasn't fun but it gave me respect for animals. (Geez, and I still eat meat....how could I?!)
  I have two older sisters, a younger sister and one brother, in the middle of us four girls. He is our idol. We all absolutely adore him and he's the greatest man I've ever known. Maybe I'll post some of his artwork on my site. Eventually. And some of his poetry...but his makes mine look like childrens psycho babble. All of us siblings are very different, in the ways that we think and look, yet we are SO alike too. Feuds? Never.....ever.... we love eachother.
   K. Anything else you want to know about me? That's the basics, I think. More? Still? You sure about that? Didn't I babble on enough here? Well, email me then. See if you can find the link to my email...gotta make this fun, don't we?

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