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O.K. the new material is on the Shield page. All on the bottom. I am just being lazy and not placing them in the normal page. (mainly because I can't find it. *lol*) I have been trying to be a good boy and not go off... well o.k. its really not trying its more like unable. *lol* Hey we all are getting old. Not that I can't hold my own, it just seems to hurt more when I do. *lighting up a cigar and pouring a shot of whiskey* Sort of Nostalgic in a way. ...being in a crisis and all... huh? me? nay I am not in a crisis. just seems like the whole world around me is. Wish they would leave me the hell outta thier problems. *shrug* if its said there is a sort of serinity in being completely F#cked... well I will have to say its very estatic in not giving a $hit. Well you heard it here first... From the Headbanging, Gothic, Cowboy, Native American. "Today is a good day to die, but I prefer to be the last man standing." *grin and wink*

Drop me an E-mail!!! *lol* [email protected]

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