October 18, 2000- Let's take the time to congradulate our drum majors ALY THEMEL and ANDREW PORTNOY! They tied for 2nd place for best drum major at Trumbull, and if it counted, 1st place at our home show... So if you see them, let them know that they are doing a great job, they're the best!

October 26, 2000- Today was a day that will always be remembered as a day of mourning, as well as a new beginning for all of us. The recent passing away of Greg Chion will scar us all for a long period of time. As much as you all are in mourning, as well as a little denial, Greg would want us all to celebrate his life, not mourn his death. I am honoring that, and I have dedicated a special section of this website to Greg. Rest in Peace, Greg. This one's for you. Click on the link below entitled "JGC" to view the special section.

October 27, 2000- Tonight's Football game was dedicated to Greg and his family, and not only did the football team win, but we got a chance to march in Halloween Costumes... Go Seniors! We got 1st place in the "Float" contest!

October 29, 2000- Nice Job at the competition at Danbury. I personally, thought we got robbed in scoring last night. But I think that whole competition was dedicated to us, as well as Greg. Thank you for all the Greg stuff you've all been sending me, and it aint over yet, so if there's anything you want posted on the site, please send it to me or hand it to me at school.

November 13, 2000- Great job at Norwalk last week, people!!!! We got 1st place, as well as best music and best percussion. You should all be proud of yourselves. This coming Sunday will be our annual band banquet, and if you still have money to turn in, please do so ASAP! Scores from the Norwalk Competition are now posted. I got a chance to see the class 1 and 2 championships on Saturday, and I must say I wasn't impressed by Ramsay or Port Chester. Get your heads in gear because we're really close to fulfilling our goal: 2nd place with a score of 95.0! We've got the second place seed going into the Championship round, so hold on to your butts!

November 14, 2000- The EMBA Webmaster, Carmen, has put up a "Remembering Greg Chion" Page on the EMBA website, containing some heartfelt words by our beloved father figure, friend, and band director, Mr. James Dumas. To go to the EMBA website, click here.

November 15, 2000- New pictures have been added to the Tribute to Greg Chion page, so make sure you check it out! The pictures were provided by Aly Themel. Thanks a lot Aly! This Website has been added to the All American Music Festival links page. The AAMF was the festival which we participated in when we got all those kick butt trophies in Florida last year.


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