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Welcome to my Website.

I am a sword enthusiast and enjoy showing my collection at local Renaissance events. I have been collecting swords for about 20 years. I  prefer one-of-a-kind pieces that are constructed and heat treated for use.  No, I'm not a user.  I don't know the first thing about sword fighting.  However, these swords help fulfill a childhood fantasy about being a sword wielding hero of epic proportions.

My friend, Bri, and I also made fantasy daggers.  We won the Amateur Knifemaker Award for Best Art Knife at the '96 Knife Expo (see My Daggers page).  We either fit post finished or finish unfinished blades with our castings.  However, due to time constraints and our other interests, we have been unable to make additional items for the last six plus years.

For the past four+ years, I have turned my interest to the sport of paintballing.  For those who are interested in this sport, I have begun to remodel my website to include a paintballing page (see below).

This site is still under construction and the pictures may take a little while to load.  Please be patient.

Enjoy the pics. Any comments are welcome.

Renaissance Pictures

Pics of Nightfall
My Swords
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Paintball Pictures

My Paintball Markers

02-29-04 Paintball at Jungle Island

04-17-04 at Hollywood Sports Park

Other Pictures

05-14-04 Arnold Schwarzenegger Event


Hot Links

          Custom Swordmakers

Salamander Armoury - specializes in period soldier-grade sworrds, daggers, sgain dubhs.  Author of  The Complete
Bladesmith, The Pattern Welded Blade, and The Master Bladesmith.  Also does period pattern welded pieces.
Sword & Stone - specializes in props for the movie industry.  Maker of weapons from The Mark of Zorro, Conan
(tv series), Batman and Robin, Hook, and Blade.
Authentic Forgeries - can draw, carve, inlay, forge, grind and works in most mediums.  Prefers creating period
munitions-grade swords and daggers. Very creative and inventive.

Sword Distributors
Albion Armorers - Del Tin dealer.  Also features excllusive sword lines from custom bladesmiths.

Other Interesting Sites
Sword Forum International - excellent source source of information.< - excellent source source of information for those interested in the sport of paintballing.



I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please come again soon for updates.

If you have comments or suggestions, e-mail me at [email protected]

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