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First off, I appologize for having not updated during the summer hols. My parents have strict rules for using the internet and unfortuately one of them is in regards to how much time I can spend on it.
I shall be adding a few more pix as soon as poss!
Also, The site theme has changed. It's no longer a FF9 Shrine, it's just a place of humour and anything I'm interested in.
Carrying on with the nuttiness, is It just me or does Matt from Digimon look similar to Kai from Beyblade? Observe below.....
What do you guys think? I mean, look at the hairstyle and the fact that they both have wear sleeveless tops! (Mind you, this is from the gal who thought her head of year at school looked like Captain Janeway from Voyager!
I feel I must explain the name change, ya see, I'm known now as Domino 'cuz I'm completely dotty and only match up with those as dotty as me! Get it? A domino can only be placed next to a domino with the same number of dots.... oh forget it, it's my attempt at a bad joke!
New All my pix in the pix section now have screen tips depicting which program or game they are from
Y'know, when I was 10, I wanted to get Ecco, The tides of time for my sega megadrive. I was told that it was too difficult for a kid my age! Well, about six months later I got it and managed to get to level 7 in 1 and 1/2 hours! A completely pointless piece of info, but I'm currently bored!
Now, keeping on the tradition of who reminds me of who, here's another Beyblade / digimon one
Digimon's Izzy and Beyblade's Chief (Kenny). However, this time I'm not going for looks, more at the fact that they are both knowledgable and both carry laptops!
Yay! I got hold of a voyager scriptbook! expect some humourous quotes once I've read the book!
Griffolyon. Just remind me never to set it off on the quilt again!
Wow, after months of searching, I finally got hold of a Beyblade! I decided on Griffolyon in the end cuz it was the only one on display that I remembered from the T.V. series
When I got it out and attempted to assemble it, I took a total of about 1/2 hour to do and that was cuz I first couldn't find the screws, then realised I had no screwdriver. However, after find the screws and substituting the screwdriver with a knife, I got it finished and set it off on the quilt. It sounded like a cross between someone farting and a jet plane! Had me and Jamie cracking up for ages!
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