Name: Kurt Wagner
Aliases: The Nightcrawler, Chaos Zero
Affiliations: Aurora Sanguiine, Section 31.
Word To Live By: Once You Have Eliminated The Impossible, Whatever Remains, However Improbable, Must Be The Truth - Sherlock Holmes
E-Mail: [email protected]
Short Bio: A very mysterious person. Only a select few people seem to know anything about him. He is highly intelligent, and keeps his true nature on anything, concealed. A master of deception, and investigation. He commands the Security of the AS, with a group called Section 31. A highly secret organization, created for the purpose, of seeking out information. Although most of the members who are a part of it know nothing about each other, they work together for mutual advantage. For a breif period, Section 31 aided the now failed clan, known as NoD, but found little challenge in it. Section 31 now aids all who truly require it, and are not enemies of the Aurora Sanguine.
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