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Updated: February 3, 2009

Fleetwood Mac will embark on a 44 city tour - "The Hits Tour"-starting in March of 2009. Please check ticketmaster for your area.

"Peacekeeper take your time
Wait for the dark of night
Soon all the suns will rise
Peacekeeper don't tell why
Don't be afraid to fight
Love is the sweet surprise"

-From the Fleetwood Mac album "Say You Will"

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Fleetwood Mac in the Studio from Rolling Stone.com!

Lindsey appears on John Stewart's compilation CD, released Oct. 10, 2000 titled "Wires from the Bunker." Click below to hear a sound clip of "American Way" in which Lindsey is on vocals and lead guitar!
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This website is also dedicated to the memory of a very loyal Lindsey and Fleetwood mac fan, Vianna,
whose friendship I was lucky to encounter and who helped me immensely with this website.

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