My name is NightBard13 and I welcome you to nightmare. I am your host as we travel through the darkness. I will share with you my favorite horror blogs and links. Read my horror poems if you dare.

May 3, 2009: Due to Yahoo closing Geocities, I will be looking for a new webhost.

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Elvira's House of Mystery
Favorite Links:
Jamdin's Dream Realm
Jamdin's Journal
Shadow Avenger 2000
WoodElf's Glen
Horror Blogs:
And Now The Sreaming Starts
Blogue Macabre
The Cobwebbed Room
Dr. Squid's Smorgasbord of Terror
Ghost Droppings
Groovy Age of Horror
Halloween Blog
Horror Movies
The Horrors of It All
Jon's Random Blog of Geekery
Killer Kittens From Beyond The Grave
Monster Memories
Mystery of the Haunted Vampire
Scar Stuff
The Vault of Horror
Horror Groups:
Elvira Fans
Elvira's Haunted Club
Horror Poems by NightBard13:
New: The Beast Within
Lost Sanity
Memories of the Dead
New: Subtle Changes
Sweet Nightmare
With Her, I Knew
Welcome To NightBard13
Horror Links:
Alice Cooper Official Site
Dave's Free Halloween Sounds
Elvira Official Site
Hammer Films
Horror Net
Ingrid Pitt
True Blood
Horror MySpace:
Alice Cooper MySpace
Dr. Daniel & The Rockabilly Vampires
Elvira MySpace
Ghoul A Go-Go
The Young Werewolves
Horror TV:
The Addams Family
Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows Reborn
The Munsters
Zacherley the Cool Ghoul
Horror Writers:
Jim Butcher
Laurell K. Hamilton
Charlain Harris
Tanya Huff
Stephen King
H.P. Lovecraft Archives
Carrie Vaughn
Voice of the Mountains: Manly Wade Wellman

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The following horror movies are NightBard13's favorites:

The following horror music cds are NightBard13's favorites:

The following horror toys are NightBard13's favorites:

The following horror tv series are NightBard13's favorites:

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