This is just too funny...the story behind it is that she was at my mom's while I was at work and my mom was videotaping Ciara (when she was 3) while she was watering the seeds my mom had just planted and while she was watering the bush, something flew out at her and she had used a couple of words that she heard me say the day before when her and I had returned from the store and I had realized that I had a pizza that I had left in the oven and I said these words as I ran for the house. Needless to say, she associated those 2 words as something you say when something no so good happens. You'll be able to hear my mom losing it after she said it. The video size is only about 3 mb so it won't take long to download. Either right-click and select "Save target as" or I think if you just click on the pic, it will give you the option of saving...but I'd do the first one and right-click.
Too Cute & Funny!
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