Hey! The name's Shadow13! Well, at least that's my pen name anyway. I created this site, Shadow Land Fiction, so that I could post all, or at least most, of my fan-fiction, and a very small amount of original fiction on the web. Why not just use fan-fiction.net? I do use that place, but it tends to irk me a bit, and I wanted a bit more freedom and less hastle. So, here we are.

But this isn't just a site for fan-fiction. No, I'm a very artsy person! I also love music, so I'm gonna have tons and tons of midi and wav files, with lyrics to go along with. If I'm in a praticularily good mood, I might acctually start an HTML help base, but this is somewhat unlikely.

What? You're a writer too? That's awsome! If you'd like, I might even post some of your stuff here! It has to fit my requirements, but *shrug*.

Oh, so you're not a writer. You're an artist! That's great too, cuz I can't draw to save my life. I'd be happy to post fan art that you've done, either for my, or some of your own characters!

Well, that about wraps it up for now. Feel free to check out my links at the bottom of the page. Toodles. Ever yours, Shadow13

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Shadow Land, The Lion King on Broadway
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