~*The Bunny Hop*~
(Yes, I know it's a lame name, but that's ok because... it fits me. ^_^)
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(The cute little bunny under the title came from 'geturknife', a friend of my lil' bro, I had to give her some credit)                            
Hey, dudes, check it out! I got a site. If you wanna know more about me, check out my AIM profile. I'm not giving you my screen name, but if you know it, go ahead and check it out...please?  ^_^ That's all!

Ok, fine-- I'll just recognize a few people:

Josh H.- Hey, sexy! You still make meh happeh ^_~-- even if you are a bum... butt... guy...... yea...... *mwa* ^_~
Billy S.- Remember, I'm so happy it's depressing ^_~
Tree H
.- I miss your hair... and you're only here in third place because YOUKNOW. But, you're still my Tree-tree, I loves you!!
Nikki Hall
- Thanks for the idea!
Sarah and Melissa G
.- You chix are so cool.
s- Hey, you are my favorite monkey!!... or my only monkey... ok? Good... now stop saying "o"!!
Tiffany N
.- Keep practicing, you're gonna be great some day!
Linda W
.- You too.
That Gu
y- You guys rock!!!
Pirates for Christ
- You rock my socks!!
Chase B
.- Thanks for stealing my only part of the praise and worship band, and there is a bass solo because you wanna give Bethany something to sing by-- no da!! I still luvz you tho! ^_~
Bethany H
.- Thanks for trying to get me into the band
The flute/picollo section
- We are the best!
Ok, ok, the whole band
- Pirates!
Missy O
.- Thanx for the help with my costume 4 the CON!
Patrick G
.- ^_~ Yeah, we're gonna have fun--luvz ya kid!
Jeremy S.- Hey sexy!... *waits for it*... YeEaAhH!!! * squeals and does happy dance* Gah you make me happeh!!
Mikey Garrett (G.)- YOU ARE TEH BOMB! Even though you are gone, you're memory shall live on earth forever... or at least until the rest of us join you! ^_~
Brandon C.- I love you! You are my bestest frayend!! Thanks for everything, even the really unhappy days- I'm just glad to know you! ^_^

(If you would like to be added, please tell me, via guestbook, emai
l, or IM.)

I have a page for band jokes too, if you would like to read them check out the link
Oh, and for those of you that are fans of Escaflowne, I've got a little fan-fic and an RPG page, check them out! They kinda suck butt, but that's ok, cuz it gives you something to make fun of/do out of bor
edom! ^_^
Check out some of my favorite pi
ccies too!

K!! THE INTERNET BUNNIES COMMAND YOU TO!!! YOU MUST OBEY THE BUNNIES!!!!  ... Why?  Did you just ask why?!  You are a silly.. stupid... dumb.... not knowing-anything-type-person..... dumb... foooooooooool!! Yeah...... You must obey the bunnies because!!-------------------- they're just so darn cute! ^_^U
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