Welcome to the Magical World of....
Hello! ^_^ Your host Aja-Bunny here! Welcome to my official comix website.... FINALLY!! I've been working on AR for four years now and I finally got a scanner. The first 20 are finally here! Thank you diligent fans! And for those of you who are new, welcome!
Ok, now that that's over, let me tell you about my comics. They started out as sheer boredom and an excuse to draw myself and friends as anime characters. It soon became a phenomenon that everyone wanted in on!! ^_^ So it is, so far, 100+ comix and going strong. It used to be kind of bad mouthed and stuff, but then I got saved. I didn't know what that really meant at the time, but it cleaned up since then. Then I had my second salvation experience and it began to REALLY clean up and turn to the top. Now it is becoming a good clean fun comic strip for everyone to enjoy! ^_^ They will have subtitles so you know what's going on. They are hand drawn and un-messed with. No compy effects or clean up. They are from scratch! ^_~ You'll have to forgive the mess! Well, thanx for showing up! Enjoy!!!
#1 "Myself and I"
#2 "Introductions"
#3 "The Lego"
#4 "Tupid Siblings"
#5 "133+! 133+ i5 phun!"
#6 "The Stinkee-chair"
#7 "Stories from the Caravan of DOOM"
#8 "The Best (other) Teddy Bear"
#9 "Memories"
#10 "The Stalker"
#11 "I'm Coming Out"
#12 "What if..." Part I
#13 "What if..." Part II
#14 "What if..." Part III
#15 "What if..." Part VI
#16 "What if..." Part V
#17 "Happy Birthday- Jonah"
#18 "Happy Birthday- 'Mber"
#19 "The Stupid-gene Bird"
#20 Crossovers..." Part I
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