Infernal Greetings:

First I would like to welcome you to my space here on the web. Recently I have decided to redesign this site along with a few others. All sites need updated and all things need to be changed over time. I feel that 6 months is a lot of time that it has remained the same without changing. Please be patient about the construction as all the links and pages may not currently work at this time.

However, I must tell you that this site is dark in nature and if darkness is that which you fear then I will say that you should move on to another site. This is fair warning on that which you will read here.

If you are a Christian or someone that simply wants to start cyber drama, visiting my page, please do NOT email me because I am getting sick of all the hate mail, and at this time I am considering it harrassment and this is punishable in a court of law. It is a waste of my time to read that which you write as it is a waste of your time to write the things you do to me.

You must know this :
About the Beliefs that you will be able to read within these pages, these are mine and mine alone. No One made me feel this way, nor did they tell me to feel this way. This is how I am. So very often I meet those that are supposedly in the beliefs of the Occult or in the beliefs of the left hand path, however, many of these are fakes, and do tend to talk the talk and are able to tell what they want people to think their beliefs are, however, ask them how they live their lives. Ask them if they can walk the walk of the Occult, honestly, 9 times out of 10 you will find out that they cannot or will not do such a thing. They are only in the beliefs for the shock value, nothing more than that. Within these pages you will NOT find a person that is into the Occult for the shock Value, you will not find a poseur, or a fake. This is how I do believe in real life and how I do live my life.

I do not sit here and let others tell me how to live mylife! i think for myself, and I feel that this is the way that one should be!

I, also, must state that i am not a devil worshipper in the meaning of the words, meaning the Christian Views. Just because I choose to believe in a different way does not mean that I am working for Satan, Satin, Saten (or however in the hell you people want to spell it). I am here for me, to get myself closer to the self excellency that I am striving for, to get closer to the Destiny of my life, that which i was meant to do in my life, that which I should be doing. i am not here for those to sit there and judge me for that which I believe in. If you do not like me then merely go to another page, it will be easier on me and easier on you.

If you know me then you know HOW i am, if you don't then you will surely find out how I am. If you do not like that which you find out then you have one option, and that is to deal with it and move the fuck on, do not waste my time with your petty bullshit. I do not fall prey to psychic vampires because honestly they are just a waste of time, and i have been there before.

There will be pages on this site that are going to be rather long in nature with a lot of words, this is because I feel it is time for people to know a bit more about me, due to me being online for 3 years and being so mysterious for those years. So please read through those that interest you. Do not bother me in a room or im to learn more about me UNTIL you HAVE read these pages. I do not care to be bothered with such petty shit in my life.

I am not here to entertain you, i am here to be me whether you like it or not.

This page is currently under construction due to changes that have taken place in my life. There will be more here when I get the page completely redesigned.

For now, please feel free to visit the following websites:

The Dark Crystal Goddess
Leviathan's Cove
Gypsi's Crystal Goddess

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