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About Me

Howdy I'm Amy! I'm seventeen and I have mid-back dark brown hair that looks black with blue-green eyes. Well my eyes are green if I'm tried and if I'm awake then I have blue eyes. I love Anime and Horses. I also love cats, writing, reading, watching tv, talking to my friends on Yahoo and MSN. If you wanna read my fanfictions then click on SnowNeko or Demonic Kawaii Neko.

I live in Missouri, USA. I live in the country and I am a country girl. I'm also insane. nothing is goning on in my life right now.

I have lived in Missouri my whole life and so have my parents and brother. we where all raised in the hills of Missouri. I used to have a life but then I moved and i lost it but then I got a somewhat life back when I got a computer. Now that I moved to my new town, where I live now, I'm getting my life somewhat back. thats all!!!!! Yall Come Back Ya Hear!

Hobbies and Interests

Writing poems and typing up my stories is one of the top things on my hobbies and interests list.

music I love to listen to all kinds of music and I'm always willing to listen to a band tat I never heard of to see if I like them or not.

I also love singing along with the songs.

Anime! have to have Anime up here! its so great!

Random Facts About Me

I love anime.
I am insane.
I am a writer.
I love horses.
I love cats.
I suck at thinking of guys names but i dont have any problem thinking of names for horses, animals, or girls.

Random Rants

Alright why does in the anime 'Naruto' it shows blood on weapons and the clothes when they get hit yet after a while it disappears like it was never there? also when someone whips blood on their sleeve it should show the blood if it shows the blood on the weapon and around the wound.

On Yu Yu Hakusho how come Yukina isn't in the opening credits or at the end of the opening credits? i'm talking about the ones that where airing on Cartoon Network recently.

Favorite Things

my cat- she can always make me smile when i'm down and is pretty much the reason y i don't do anything to hurt myself.

Anime!- yup Anime is the best type of tv show out there, well in my opinen.

my friends- my reason for living and they understand me the most and i have no friends in rl so they r all online.

St.Louis Rams- hey they are my birth city team! and plus i was raised around them.

my books- they help me get away from the world when i'm grounded from the computer.

my computer- its my life i mean i type up stories on it and i talk to my friends on it and lots of other things.

my notebook- it has all my poems in it when i write them down and it helps me vent anger and emotion when i cant get on the computer.

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