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"What an astounding thing it is to watch a civilization destroy itself because it is unable to re-examine the validity under totally new circumstances of an economic ideology." - Sir James Goldsmith
fetter n 1. A chain or shackle for the ankles.

2. Something that restricts or restrains .

-v 1. To shackle. 2. To restrict the freedom of.

Who? Since 1998 (yes, one whole decade!) No Fetter Records has been producing and disseminating home-made records that defy the genre spectrum. We generally record on budget 4-track devices - usually in the basement, garage and/or the woods. We believe that one doesn't need fancy machines and lots o dollhairs to make records. We dig the "lo-fi" aesthetic, and the grass-roots approach to music. Our ultimate aim is to promulgate music and art that might otherwise go unheard in this corporate owned world. We are merely a simple, good-intentioned grass-roots organization focused on fine musics. We hope that you'll partake in No Fetter's pursuits but we also suggest you start your own label! It's time for revolution!


Release Date: September 11, 2004!

Hobnob Volume 1. A compilation of home-made hillbilly beatnik music mostly from Ohio. Scratchy, arcane fiddles, claptrap poetry and foot-stompin', old-time festivity! Scads of great songs and instrumentals. Various artists, including the famous musicologist Torrey Vent from Olympia, WA.

So Long Monkey Boy. An exquisite record with a mesmerizing cover by Tony Bertaccini. Mostly instrumental with a few etherial vocal tracks.


Psychedellic Roller-Rink Music Vol.1
Fey music for your imaginary roller skating adventures. A great compilation that includes choice music from many artists. DANGER: Mixing roller skating and psychotropic compounds can be disaterous!

The No Fetter Records Compilation II.
No inveigling needed. You listen to it, you'll like it! Tracks from Carson Garhart's new album, Joshua Corrigan, The DeVilles, Matthew Gardner, Redbeard, Kabello, and the Tokarsky-Hirshfield duo. Unique from beginning to end.
Carson Cadillac. A Sonic Exploration in Popular Music.
An album you won't want to miss out on. On his latest effort Garhart has followed in the tradition of his earlier work Rubber Dance Music by mixing danceable beats, wacky effects and uncompromising lyricism into a sort of "urban, post-glam rock" nightmare. There is no doubt that Carson has been studying the seminal Gary Wilson.

The No Fetter Compilation. Volume 1.(2000)
This comp will likely leave you wondering why you've never heard of No Fetter Records. Jared Hirsh and Joe Tokarsky open the disc with the psychedelic-pop hit "Dick Loves a Donut," followed by the dreamy folk of Lucid's Dream; singer Shane Pazutti's melodies will make the hair on your arms stand. Casy Cooper's electronic Eno-esque composition will have you sedate with pleasure while the wild and raunchy rockabilly of Redbeard will have you headed for the big rig! And there's a whole lot more in between!

Send to:
1208 N. Thomas St.
Olympia, WA 98502
We will gladly listen to your music and do our best to give you feedback. We get lots of demos and find it somewhat of a hardship to respond to all. Send emails to [email protected]

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