Name: Ingvild
Age: 17
Location: Norwegian in houston,TX


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Its been a while :D ....Iíve been super busy since I moved to the lone star state. Starting at a new school in a new country, finding a house, having to express myself in another language 24/7 .. basically starting a new life has taking most of my free time and energy. I think Iíve learned from the whole experience and I really love it here, although I miss my friends and family back in Norway.
In adition to making new American friends I have also gotten to know a lot of Norwegian people over here :D

You may have heared about the little hurricane that was heading towards houston, well, we decided not to evacuate and francly we did not notice much of it. I guess houston was lucky this time. School wont start up again until Tuesday ..yeyy.. hopefully I'll be able to do some homework, I should have enough of spare time the next couple of days since everyone is out of town and all the malls are closed.

I am doing well In all my subjects except AP chemistry.. I have no idea why my counselor sat me in that class. I've never had chemistry before and I have no idea whatsoever about what we are doing and I donít have the background knowledge to understand it either. I am also the only girl in that class and I have never felt more misplaced in my life. On the last test I got a 50%.. and my average is about 75% in the subject.. I think I have to talk to my counselor again about dropping the course.... but I donít like to drop things just because It is not straight forward but I feel like I am using so much energy on trying to understand what we are doing and when I finally do, we move on to the next topic and my head is under water again...Iíll have to see...

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Posted: 24.09.05 // by:Flammen
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Okey we are packing down the computer in less then 5 minutes so ill have to make a really quick post. Im leaving stavanger the day after tomorrow, and Iíll probably be without internet for at least 2 weeks depending on how quick weíll get everything in order. So Good bye for now :D

Posted: 09.08.05 // by:Flammen
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...........nuff said

Im an idiot
I have packed all my clothes into boxes,and now I donít have anything to wear :S

I had a health test yesterday. They checked my eyesight, my hearing, gave me a couple of shoots, asked me 100 questions, and took a bloodtest.
My hearing was really bad, probably because I listen to music 24/7. the doctor advised me to stop listening to my mp3 player, but I doubt that Iíll be able to do that. :/
After that I was supposed to take a blood test. I had never done that before so I was a little bit nervous. It did not hurt at all and I though everything was just fine but after like a minute I started to feel nausea and everything started to dim and I could hardly see anything. I did not want to tell the nurse anything because I assumed that if I told her that I wasnít feeling well she had to do it again and I just wanted to get it done.
Well she did not get enough blood so she said to me that I had to take a new test. I tould her that I was feeling bad and she let me lay down for a minute before she took a new test. The strange thing is that wwhen she took the new test I was feeling all fine. I found that a little bit strange :/ .

I went to the library to day (surprise surprise) and rented a cople of cds as usual ( the very best of cream, lost in transelation soundtrack, the doors- Morrison hotel, neil young- are you passionate?, the kinks- muswell hillbillies and norah jones- feels like home for my dad)
Im Going to see clueless with some friends tonight,
I loved that movie when I younger :D

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Posted: 05.08.05 // by:Flammen
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Soundtrack: neil young -heart of gold

Im back home :D.
I had such a great time in Greece and [ofcoure] Iíll post the obligated pics later.

I have catched a cold.
Last night I was out with some friends and stina elisabeth and I where driving from one part of the town to the other... on a scooter .. the rain was pouring down and we got soaked! Thats one thing I'll not miss when I come to houston, It is always raining over here

It is 1 PM and Im sitting here filling out my visa application (Im moving to USA in 11 days :o )
Some of the questions are just hilarious!

I wonder If someone have ever answered yes to any of these..!

Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, subversive of terrorist activities or any other unlawful purpose?

Are you a member or a representative of a terrorist organization?

Have you ever participated in persecutions directed by the Nazi government of Germany?

Have you ever participated in genocide?

Yessumm! ::rollseyes::

Posted: 01.08.05 // by:Flammen
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so it is settled
Iíll be moving to Houston in the beginning of august.
Iíll be in Greece from the 16th to the 30th of June after that weíll get 10 days to pack and weíll be over there around the 10th of august I guess.
We still donít know shit about school, houseÖ we donít know anything really.. It will take some time to get internet and such.. most likely we'll be living in a hotel the fist couple of weeks, so donít expect many updates in august/September.

Im super exited, but at the same time I know that this is gonna be so hard for me. Iíve lived in the same little town or parish all my life and Im used to having people I have known around me on all sides. Im used to going into Stavanger by myself often and in general walking a lot around out and about. Im also used to small schools with 3-400 pupils where I know almost everyone by name.
And the hardest part will be the English.
Oh well this will be interesting for sure! :D

Here are some pics from my last trip to greece

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Posted: 15.07.05 // by:Flammen
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Okey so im officially 17, I cant say that I like it but what can you do right?
Iíve literally been living on leftover cake the past few days. All my weight loosing plans has been put aside for the summer. I canít live without chocolate and carbs so who am I kidding, Im never gonna be able to stick to a diet. So instead Iíll start working out again. 5 times a week nonetheless.. Which is fine since everyone is on vacation except me, so I donít have much to do. Iíll be traveling to Greece next week though.

The day before my birthday, I went to town with Stina, (she bought me the cutest earrings for my big day btw <3) We where at the cinema, watching War of the Worlds and suddenly the fire alarm starts. Some dude comes in and tells everyone to stay calm and go to the nearest exit. Stina and I grabs our stuff and we go outside (and ofcourse it is RAINING) the firefighters shows up and noone knows whats going on. . After around 20 minutes they let us in again, apparently some vaco had been having a little smoking session in the bathroom.

Iíll have to go into town today or tomorrow because I need to buy some stuff before I go to Greece, and return some CDs and DVDs to the library. (Easy rider, Sabrina, King kong, Citizen cane (spelling) and Led zeppelin; the songs remains the same <3) and pick up some new ones!

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My grandparents and [I we all look strange]
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My dads aunt [quite possible the smallest lady in the world (Im around 5'2 do the math)]

Posted: 10.07.05 // by:Flammen
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I just found out that I know a girl who moved to Houston a year ago, hopefully I will be able to get in touch with her so that I can find out what school she is going to and such. The move (if there will be a move) will be so much more easy for me if I have a known face around :D I have also starting to tell my friends that I might be moving pretty soon, but things are still uncertain, there is a small chance that my mom wont get the job, and I have to prepare myself for both ďoutcomesĒ.

It is my fathers birthday Today and Im not sure about what Im gonna get him. My mom and I have been thinking about giving him an Ipod photo and Iíll rent music from the library and fill it up with all kinds of good stuff, we pretty much have the same taste in music, so I have an idea of what he would like! He has been getting socks and skirts the last couple of years so I guess an ipod would be a nice change.

My birthday is on the 8th, I see no resound to celebrate it though.
I hate getting older :( and for me birthdays are just a reminder of the fact that Iím OLD!
Iíve heard rumors that a bunch of my friends are planning to come over with cake to me on my big day <3 I love them!

aight.. Im off, I rented Sid and Nancy on the library last week but I havent had time to see it before now, I'll probably upload some content to this site within the next week.
Have a nice day ;p

Posted: 01.07.05 // by:Flammen
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Sorry for the lack of update. Iíve been workin on a web site for my dance group so I havenít really had the time to write.

So whatís new? Well 2 days ago my mom told me that there is a 40% chance that we are moving to Houston within the next 2 months. I have lived in the same little town all my life and all of a sudden we are moving to this huge city, I donít think that I will be able to adjust to such a big change. I also really love my life right now and it would break my heart leaving everyone and everything I love here in Norway. and I cant tell anyone cause It is kinda secret pecret, and that is killing me cause need to disgust this with someone.
Oh well if im actually moving I just gotta find a way to embrace the change.. Iíll get better in English (my oral English is horrible) and hopefully Iíll meet new interesting people :D Ö
Since I might move to the USA I have started taking driving lessons with my mom. We usually drive out to the beaches which are about 20 min drive from my house. In my area we have all these beautiful beaches but there is hardly ever people on them.

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Posted: 19.06.05 // by:Flammen
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The last couple of weeks have been soo hectic at the worst I had a test every other day and I had to prior which subject was most important to me.
AhhÖ it feels so wonderful to be able to just sit back and just relax without feeling guilty. School is out in a couple of weeks and my schedule book is emptyÖ it is such a beautiful sight!!!

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I cant really get over how fast my Junior year went by.. I never really got the ďtermĒ time flies up until recently. When I was younger every month was like an eternity. Now it seams like every time I glimpse a year has passed by.
They say that when you get older you get ďusedĒ to the fact that you are *living*, things donít fascinate you anymore and you get caught up in a pattern which makes each day less unique and therefore you donít remember as much of the things you do compared to what you did as a child. And when you donít remember as much youíll get the impression of that less time has passedÖ.well that is kinda my situation... and it scares the friggin shit out of me.. My days are all the same

I would do anything to be 5 again.. Seriously.. I hate (HATE) getting older.. Infact I dread it. I hate waking up in the mornings knowing that im a day older..

Most people my age are living in the future while I am living in the pastÖ LMFO...
Oh well.. Theyíll catch up with me in 30 years or so..

Okey enough random talk and sloppy English!

Here are some pictures from 17th of may Norways national day

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Posted: 23.05.05 // by:Flammen
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Examen hiatus

Iíll be back next week!

Posted: 14.05.05 // by:Flammen
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*Glass* between us

Posted: 02.05.05 // by:Flammen
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I left school after the first period, because of my sore troth.
As I walked down to the bus stop I searched my pockets for my buss card and I discovered that I had forgotten my keys. I called my dad and he said that he was not able to meet me before after lunch.
At first I though about going back to school but since it was so nice outside I went for a walk along the sea side and I ended up in the old part of the town. It is sorta strange, I have lived in Stavanger my entire life, but I had never been to old stavanger before. It was so adorable, the town part was full of narrow streets and cute white painted houses from the early 1800. I walked around for a wile and bought some lunch which I ended up giving to the birds.
As I was sitting there a Japanese group of tourist stopped near by and some of them took my picture, wtf is it with Japanese tourists anyway?

Picture time!

Oh and visit free Fiona I have been anxiously awaiting more music from Fiona and cannot believe that it's being held up for lack of interest.

Posted: 02.05.05 // by:Flammen
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Donít want to be alive today.

I have cached a cold....
Usually I would be trilled to stay home from school a coupe of days, but this will cause me a lot of extra work since I was supposed to have my final English test today. Instead I have been lying on the sofa watching movies that Iíve rented from the library. I just saw crouching tiger hidden dragon. I immediately knew that this would become one of my favorite films. The magical settings as well as the fighting scenes are just breath taking. It got sort of this deep artistic fairy tale feel to it....even the brutal fights, are fluid and dance-like.. If you havenít seen it already GO AND DO SO...

ďThe things we touch have no permanence. My master would say: there is nothing we can hold onto in this world. Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real.Ē

I have always been fascinated by the Chinese (and also Japanese) culture.
My Mom has promised to take me with her next time she goes to China, I cant wait :D

new layout soon!!!

Posted: 29.04.05 // by:Flammen
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Posted: 29.03.05 // by:Flammen
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Months have passed since the last time I worked on this site but now im back with a new layout, a new blog and hopefully soon some new content.
The site will go though some changes, I do not wish to have a blog where I only tell you "what I did today", the net got enough of such blogs and besides my life is far too boring. Iíll post pictures, random notes, thoughts, dreams and opinions and trough them Iíll tell you what Iíve been up to.

Posted: 27.03.05 // by:Flammen
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Niendel will return shortly..

Posted: 15.03.05 // by:Flammen
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