Year 1315 nr
Our 20th year!!

Critical Champion
15, Tregan Luthor, Human Fighter, 1298 nr
Fumble Champion
12, Chason, Human Ranger/Druid, 823nr
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Welcome to Niemz Realm!  This realm is based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition.  It is a completely unique world created over 21 years ago (1985), with a rich history which has been infuenced by the players of the Realm.  This world is filled with great heros, vile villians, politics, and war.  From the ongoing struggle of the country of Arcian against the Empire of Vlarn, to the evil plotting of the Council of the Eye against those that walk under the sunlight.  In this realm things are not always what they seem, so be weary, and watch your back!
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