Wellcome to my homepage. My name is Argento and here you will find some cool Star Wars stuff, usually made by me :D

Argento is a vey young Jedi, who was named as Knight after he saver his master, Nah-Jun Jentra, from two Sith Knights, showing great combat abilities, courage and mercy. After some missions, Argento almost falls into the Dark Side, but he resisted and showed greats aptitudes to be a named as Master.

Although Argento hates fighting ( he only uses his Lightsaber to defend himself, training or meditation gym ), he is allways assign to hard, unpleasent and deadly missions ( even for a Jedi Knight with his skills ).

Thats me in my training room

Some photos of my X-Wing. The first one was taken in Dantuine, and the second one near Dagovah.

This is my saber, made by myself:

Some Cool Links:


My real name is Nicolas, and I am 20 years old. I am from Argentina (that big country in the south of South America)


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