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Previous UpdatesJuly 26, 2003 Yeah, so, I can hardley call this an update...but, I just wanted to apologize for not updating the site as much as I should be. I've been working on my other site for a couple months, then it got delted by the host without warning, so, I have to re-do everything on it as it's all pretty much gone. Anyways, I just wanted to tell everybody who might give a damn that I'm going to be putting a couple dubbed and subbed scenes on here. Maybe a new one each month, and I'll delete the old one (Because geocities gives hardley any space-Only one at a time, folks!) So, that should be happening sometime between late august- late september! :D May 10, 2003 w00t! 300 HITS! :D Lol, I'm so stupid, getting excited over a whole 300 hits. It's probably due to me being on the anipike now and with the lack of NieA sites, yep, that has GOT to be the reason. Also, I took off the Gundam Wing banner and the Dir En Grey pixel chibi things,also the Gilligan's Island. Gomen -.- But the Vash banner remains, for he is my friend. And he hasn't yet been here 24 hours. Drool at his sexy banner. I command you.May 9, 2003 I've updated little random things over the past week or whatever but I've been too lazy to put them in here. I'm so fucking lazy. Nothing important really resulted from them but I just thought I should tell you...I fixed some broken links and bleh it was all good, yeah, today I added links to some fanlistings that they hopefully let me into...on the Vash one it said the password was i put that and then was like or something like that so they probably won't let me in cause they think Im fucked up or something but hey it's all good OK this update is done, I better quit while I'm already too far ahead! :D April 30, 2003Yay! I got onto the Anime Web Turnpike This is my first site ever to get on there! I'm so proud of it! That's all really for today, I did a LOT yesterday. I'll finish getting everything else up again at the end of the week!

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Yeah. You can link me ^.^; Just save the button into your server and link it back to NieA Under Seven Shrine!

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Give my site some luff! Look at all the luff my site has gotten! LOOK! I am in the fanlisting of the sexiest man ever, Vash, no da! I think so anyways -.- I am also part of the NieA_7 one! No da! Why wouldn't I be?

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I had another counter, but it decided to be all gay on me and shut down, so now I have this one. The old one had a little over a hundred people on it, so, I'm not really affected by this that much. I still kind of wish the other one wasn't so stupid, though.

Hello. How are you? My name is Ametenshi and I have no life so if you're like me and have no life, you can AIM me on MayukoChigasaky You can also AIM John who did absolutely nothing on this website but has a Serial Experiments Lain site. He told me to put his screen name on here because...IDK why...just did, so his s/n is SamIAm0288 so IM him continually to annoy the fuck out of him! ^.^;

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Yay! I made a NieA_7 website! I realized that there just weren't enough out there. I think I've only seen two fan-made websites! What a shame!

Welcome to the NieA_7 Shrine! Here be amusing stuff thats probably related to NieA Under Seven in one way or another, so, look around, play operation sandwich, drool at the Vash banner to the left, and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK! :D

Ametenshi has no life
Ametenshi has no life!

Yep. Legal stuff goes here! I don't own NieA_7 soo yah and I didn't make this layout either. See below.

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