1. Part-time lecturer at National University of Singapore (NUS)  (C.E. Department), 1999-2001.


2. My Tata McGraw-Hill book on "Introduction to Computer Graphics" got reprinted in India, and published in Singapore also as an International Edition, 2002-2003.


3. Principal Author (with three co-authors) of the book: "Structural Welding" published by the Building Construction Authority and Singapore Structural Steel Society, 2002.


4. Accredited Instructor by Singapore Ministry of Manpower, for modules of "Formwork Safety Supervisor" course at Singapore Construction Safety and Consultancy, since 2002.


5. Two-day short courses on Temporary Structures, Structural Welding, Computer Modelling of Structures, etc. in Hong Kong, through TTID, Hong Kong, averaging one every three months, since 2002.


6. Consultant to QE Design Services for special structural projects, and training in structural software in Singapore and Hong Kong, since 2002.


7. Chief Instructor for short courses on Matrix and Finite Element Methods, Temporary Structures, Structural Welding, etc. for the Professional Activities Centre of NUS, 2002-2004.


8. Consultant to Lim Kim Cheong Consultants, Singapore, developing utility computer programs for them, during 2002-2003.


9. One published technical paper in Steel News and Notes, 2003.


10. Chief Editor, "Guidebook for Factories (Scaffolds) Regulations", published by Singapore Contractors Association, Ltd., 2004


11. Freelance Editorial Consultant for SPRING, (Codes and Standards Publishing Authority), Singapore, since early 2004.


12. Presented two technical papers (published in Proceedings) at international conferences in Singapore, in August 2004.


13. Chairman, Re-Accreditation Committee for Civil Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2004.


14. Presenting a paper on Safety in the Construction Industry at CAFEO-22 International Conference at Yangon, Myanmar, Dec. 2004.


15. (Confidential until case is closed -- not for Publication!) Expert to analyse a recent structural formwork collapse in Singapore, by invitation from the Government of Singapore Ministry of Manpower, 2004.



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