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Mercedes SLK 32 AMG
Supreme high-torque performances
from supercharged six-cylinder power   plant.

- Engine:  V6   3.2l  Kompressor
- Displacement: 3199 cm3
- HP: 354 HP
- kW: 260 at 6100 rpm
- Torque Nm: 450 at 4400 rpm
- Compression ratio: 9.0 : 1
- Mixture formation:
  Microprocessor-controlled gasoline
  injection, supercharger
-  0 to 100 km/h in   5.0s
-  0 to 200 km/h in 17.4s
-  0 to 62 mph in 5.0s
-  0 to 120 in about 17.4s

- Will be available in Germany in
  March 2001.
- Will be presented at Geneva Car show 2001.     
The Mercedes SLK 32 AMG, with 260 kW and 450 newton meter is a new leader amond the compact roadster.

Mercedes AMG GmbH has introduced a new dimension to the compact roadster sector. In the European spring of 2001, the SLK 32 AMG, with its 260-kW AMG V6 supercharged engine, will take up a new leading position in this sector, which has been dominated from the very early day by the SLK. No other roadsters in this class shows quiete such supreme development of power. The same is valid of the engine's maximum torque of 450 Newton metres, thanks to which the Mercedes SLK 32 AMG can speed through the 100 km/h mark in about 5 secondes. Yet despite such sporty evidence, the roadster uses an average of just 11.2 litres of premium fuel.

As racing driver Bernd Schneider, who recently won the German Touring Car Masters again with Mercedes AMG and has given its first impression about the SLK 32 AMG.
"This fascinating new roadster is not just about pure power. The SLK 32 AMG has been re-defined in all its essential components. Its excellent performances and sporty suspension, with ESP as standard, are not just fun; they give the car a dynamic character whilst enabling its to remain absolutely controllable a viable for everyday use. This homogenous picture is further anhanced by details such as the newly designed AMG sport seats and the tasteful but commanding AMG bodywork styling.
This picture was found on MB Enthusiast's page
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