Sean T. with hair!! Okay, several people have wanted to see what I look like with hair, so I have decided to indulge them. Here is a picture of me circa 1990 in Anzere, Suisse. This was probably the last known record of me with hair.
Recent Me Now here's what I look like. This picture was taken in February 2000 and I believe that it's the most recent that I have. Well it may not be the most recent, but it's the one that I consider the most flattering. *grin*

A little info about me sweeties.

As you've all been curious and are constantly deluging me with questions, hopefully you'll find the answer(s) here.

  • Single - and not happy about it either, so if you're interested, make sure to drop me a line! *grin*
  • Six feet (While there are several people that will argue that I am 5'11�", I stand by my rounding)!
  • 200 pounds
  • Incredibly funny (but looks aren't everything *ha, ha, ha ..., ha, ... hmmm*)
  • Great conversationalist
  • Pretty good cook (considering the few dishes that I know, I can cook them pretty well - sometimes I don't even have to read the directions on the box!)
  • Hobbies and Activities:
    • Snowboarding
    • Climbing
    • Rollerblading
    • Coaching
    • Kayaking
    • Writing

I'm the second of five children, but I must confess that although I am the least talented of all my siblings, I am definitely the best looking. Several of them (all of them actually) would argue with me on this, but they'd all loose because Mom always takes my side!

My older sister MJ is a talented songwriter/comedienne who pays her bills by working as a massage therapist.

My younger sister Maureen is a master over the power of persuasion and gains the confidence of anyone that walks through her path in life.

Maureen's twin brother Patrickand the older of my two younger brothers is an actor/ham with an enthusiasm for life surpassed only by the love for his son.

My baby brother Michael is a gifted musician and cad, stealing the hearts of women (and unbeknownst to him men)!

All my siblings have incredible voices and are talented musicians in their own rights, a talent and gift passed down to us by our parents Mary and Edwin McCann.

A profound influence on us were a variety of our parents brothers, sisters, friends and family, but one of our most important relations is definitely our great Aunt Mae.

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