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Nicoleta Stoian

To all those who are genuinely seeking the Truth

Nicoleta Stoian, Braila, Romania
Intemeiatoarea Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

There comes a time in everyone's life when we are tired of all these artificial criteria and norms by which we behave, by which we are judging ourselves and the ones around us. It comes a time when we realize the fact that there has to be something more going on in this world, something we don't know much about but which we can sense on an unseen level and about which we want to find out as much as possible.

The same thing happened to me approximately 6 years ago when I was going through a rough period of life - "I" meaning Nicoleta, 21 years of age, living in Romania.

Well, during that period of time I felt that I was going to experience something major, something that would completely change my whole perspective of life and give it a new meaning. I was lucky enough to find that particular "thing" on the 16th of October 1995 through my brother who had been practicing Sahaja Yoga for more than one year. On that day I accompanied him and attended my first Sahaja Yoga programme. There I heard things that seemed unbelievable to me, things that explained what was really going on with me and with others, why there was so much confusion and so many problems in this world. It seemed to me that Sahaja Yoga was my own life belt, and the life belt of many other people who wanted to have their transformation. I started practicing the daily meditation and I started discovering little by little all the hidden treasures that were within me but I had been hankering after for so long.

Words are not enough for me to give you a glimpse of all the blessings that I've felt during all these years of my experience in Sahaja Yoga. It has given me the balance that everyone of us needs so much, it has given me more patience and tolerance in dealing with others, it has given me inner joy and satisfaction, it has given me the chance of meeting so many Sahaja Yogis from different countries, seeing how great they are and desiring to give Self Realisation (the awakening of Kundalini energy which is the Divine energy within every one of us placed there ever since we were born), to new people and thus making them members of this great family of Sahaja Yoga. I have turned from quite an introverted person to an open-minded, friendly and joyous one. I have reached a higher state of consciousness - through meditation - in which I can see the subtle cause of my problems, thus being able to help others and myself . I have gradually got rid of most of my preconceived ideas and I have achieved the discretion to follow the right path in my life.

All these miracles that have happened to me and to many others could not have been possible without the merits of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the initiator of Sahaja Yoga who is recognised all over the world as a great, significant spiritual figure, a great guru and at the same time a Great Mother who travels all over the world in order to give to as many people as possible their second birth - that is Self Realisation.

I invite you all to experience yourself this revolutionary yet ancient method of Yoga - Sahaja Yoga - which, I'm sure, will bring you a lot of joy and fulfilment. We can exchange impressions if you write me at: [email protected]

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