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Hello.My name is Nicolas Tanguma, the big doofus in the picture above, and I am the owner of a model kit producing company called Resin D'Etre.
I started working on figure models about 5 years ago,after an 11 year pause from building basic plastic military kit.My first kit was a vinyl Falchion 'Iria' kit from the movie 'Zeiram'.
Now I am taking my hand at sculpting.On this webpage you will find pictures of kits that I have painted and some kits that I have sculpted myself.I hope you enjoy them.
Also, please sign my guestbook and tell me what you think.
*UPDATE* 5/22/07
I know I haven't done much here in a while, because life happens.I have expanded my moving company and haven't had time for my hobby anymore, but I will get back to doing more very soon... I hope.
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