Nicholas Preller
Most people find me quiet and reserved.

I work as an IT Manager for
Taeuber & Corssen, Namibia.

Enjoy company where there is laughter and fun.
Business Opportunities
Accomodation in Namibia
Keen interest in computers, technology, sailing and aviation.

Enjoy camping and outdoor life. Favourite food is Braaivleis (Barbeque) with all the trimmings, krummel-pap, sous, fresh green salads and
Tafel lager (a Namibia beer)

Reading is a favourite pastime, although I am seldom found reading a Novel. Factual, technical stuff (and what ever else most consider boring), are amongst the worn-out  and well-read books on my bookshelf.

Aviation has always interested me a great deal. It's a pity it costs so much to get a PPL.  Of course, I do have a Flight Simulator on my PC!  The real thing is much more fun though.

Photography, Internet, Walking and Game viewing are among my other interests.
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Bagatelle Kalahari Game Lodge (Paul)
Married to Sonja since 1984. Eldest son Mark was born 1985 and we realised what was causing it when our youngest son Paul, was born in 1986.
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