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Welcome, Pure Earth is an Australian company committed to
providing safe, natural and organic personal care products
at affordable prices.

Pure Earth Products are made totally without any chemicals,
are natural and made using organic ingredients.

Over the last 50 years we have seen the rise in petrochemicals
in our everyday lives, which are cheaper and more convenient
to use in mass manufacturing. But as a result the health of
your hair and skin suffers from the use of these substances.

Many of these chemical ingredients found in skin and hair care
products today are also found in products such as engine
de-greaser, brake fluid, radiator anti-freeze and many other
industrial products. Most of these harsh chemicals come with
handling labels warning against inhalation and contact with
skin and eyes.

So what are these chemicals doing in your skin and hair care
products? They’re cheap, easy to work with in mass production
and they do the job in the short term.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and has an incredible
rate of absorption. In other words, what you put on your skin
will find its way into your body. Are these chemicals the sort
of substances you really want to put in your body?

All Pure Earth products are totally natural and use the purist
ingredients that will nourish your skin and make you look and
feel healthier.


Pure Earth (South East)
PO Box 198
Patterson Lakes Vic. 3197

[email protected]

Telephone: +613 9782-5501

List of product ingredients supplied by Pure Earth

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