Hi all and welcome to my little Buttrfligyrl home!  First of all, let me introduce myself.   I'm Nicole, i'm 26 and I live in Northern California.
I have two absolute passions in my life.  The first is my family.  The love of my life John whom i've been with nearly 5 years.  And my 2 beautiful daughters, Rebecca and Mikayla.
My second passion is singing. For a taste of my music - click
Well let me tell you a bit more about myself.  Like I said above, I'm a singer.  I guess you could say, Aspiring Professional Country Singer.  I am very involved with Karaoke, both running my own shows and singing for fun.  I'm also prepeparing to audition for a new Country band here in my area!!
I'm trying to write my own music and I bought a guitar for my birthday and am trying to learn that!! Thanks to some wonderful friends of mine (Rob...Stacy..among others!) they've hooked me up with some great sites.  I'll get my music page back up soon with links and hopefully some of my singing! I just need to beat this Bronchitis with a stick first! LOL
John went back to work for Home Depot and is KICKING BUTT!!! He even sold a toilet to Jim Carey...yes the REAL Jim Carey!! LOL  He's a master Salesman and he loves being back! We're just anxiously awaiting him getting a transfer once the Placerville store opens!!

And now back to my first passion...MY FAMILY!  I have an incredible fiancee John, that i've been with nearly 5 years.  Ladies, i'm sorry...he doesn't have a brother!  I'll tell you more about "us" on another page page so keep a look out for it!
Becca, my oldest daughter, is 7.  She's my little Prima Ballerin, Tap Dancin Cutie and Soccer Star!!    She's starting 2nd grade soon and cannot wait to get back to the boys!  I'm stocking up on shotgun shells now.  Smart woman..I know!
And Kayla is 4 if ya'll can believe it!.  She's starting Pre-School this year and I am absolutely NOT prepared at all!!  She is well on her way to becoming the first female quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers!  She's my rough and tumble, no fear, going to give mommy a heart attack ANGEL!  I love her to death, but my goodness she keeps me busy!!
So between the four of us, we're one very happy little family!  I'll post new pictures somewhere on here so make sure to check back often!
This is Becca at the Beach, July 28th, 2004! What a beauty!
Kayla, my little pre-schooler!! A month before her 4th birthday!
My baby and I!  This was taken back in December of 1999!  This was my company Christmas Party....(the ONLY perk of working for AT&T Wireless!)  We went engagement ring shopping and bought me the dress...and the ring 1     week later!  Cute couple eh??
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