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Genealogy Research
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Do you need help locating information in your Family's Genealogy? We will help. Simply give us the information you have and our team of researchers will do the research for you. You can request up to 5 individuals at a time. We will keep you posted with the information we find. There is a charge for the search. To see the prices for the research please go to the
Services page of our web site.

Everyone who signs the guest book will receive a One Name Search FREE !!!! You can also receive free serches when you join the
Mailing List. These free offers will end so hurry and do them soon!

We will be added a new shopping cart to our website and we will no longer start research for those who send money through the mail without receiving payment first. You may order your research using PayPal for right now go to: Services page. You may also pay by the hour by going to the Pay by the Hour page.

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