The Secret
The secret - script sides
David Duchovny will topline The Secret, directed by French movie star Vincent Perez in Montreal.

Based on a Japanese novel by Keigo Higashino that was turned into a film, Himitsu in 1999, the thriller is about a man whose life changes suddenly after the bus carrying his wife and daughter goes off a cliff. The wife dies at the hospital, but the daughter lives. When she regains consciousness, she appears to be possessed by the dead wife.
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Release date : 2006
Genre : Horror / Thriller
Production companies : Europa Corp.
Director : Vincent Perez
Writer : Ann Cherkis (Keigo Higashino Novel)
Produces : Luc Besson, Vincent Perez. Virginie Silla

Cast : David Duchovny (as Benjamin Marris)
Lili Taylor (as Hannah Marris)
Olivia J. Thirlby (as Samantha Marris)
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