The TV Set (Shooting started on Aug 18th)
The Secret
Parallel (Unknown?)

Trust the man
House of D (Directorial debut)
My Dark Places (Unknown?)
Full Frontal: 2002
Zoolander: 2001
Evolution: 2001
Return to me: 2000
The X-files: Fight the Future: 1998
Playing God: 1997
Kalifornia: 1993
Venice/Venice: 1992
Ruby: 1992
Chaplin: 1992
Beethoven: 1992
Baby Snatcher: 1992
Red shoe Diaries: 1992
Denial: 1991
Don't tell mom the babysiter is dead: 1991
Julia has two lovers: 1991
The Rapture: 1991
Bad Influence: 1990
New Year's day: 1989
Working Girl: 1988

T.V Series:

Twin Peaks: 1990-1991
Red shoe Diaries:
The X-files: 1993-2000
Saturday night Live:
The Larry Sanders Show
Space above and beyond
The Simpsons
Lone gunmen
Sex and The City
Bonnie Hunt show

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