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Struan and Lucy
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London:1998-2006 photos
England:Isle of White, A barge Weekend, Oxford, Cornwall, Salisbury & Stonehenge,
North Burrow, Swanage, Kings Lynn, Bath and Avebury, Lowestoft
Events: V2003, PROMs, New Zealnd vs Wales in Cardiff, Medieval Feast, Wimbledon Tennis,
Rudby World Cup - Scotland vs. South Africa, Net Benefit, Wales vs. South Africa

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Our Travels: 2006: Egypt, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallinn, 2004: France, 2003: Austria, Southern Ireland 2002: South Africa, Cuba, Wales 2001: South Africa, Moscow and St Petersburg - Russia, Paris, Plantation Island - Fiji and New Zealand 2000: Western Europe, Kilmartin - Scotland 1999: Majorca - Spain, Pamplona-Spain, Brugge - Belgium, Paris - France, Edinburgh - Scotland, Seoul -Korea and New Zealand 1998: Munich,Prague and Amsterdam, Pamplona, Spain

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