This is the Marcus page :) dedicated to my love, Marcus Allen Starling
Marcus, I love you with all my heart. U mean the world to me and so much more.Whenever I need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen, I have you. Thats the best feeling in the world to be loved; but to be loved by u is the best thing that I have ever felt. Thank you for being the person that you are. I cant wait to be with u and marry u and have ur children.U make me the happiest that I have been since I can remember. Thank you again baby. You are so adorable!!! mmmmaaaaaauuuuuhhhhh not to mention, u have cute cats and a big snake ;) lol u know what i mean sweetie ;) I will love u forever through eternity and in our next lives. We are truely soulmates and I cant wait til I am finally in ur arms. I love you Marcus Allen Starling!!!!!!!!! mmmmaaaaauuuuuhhh
Love you forever, Mrs. Starling :)
This is my sweetie. Isnt he hot? sorry girls, hes taken. hes all mine :) mauh
If u are wondering why there is so may angels on this page, it's cuz Marcus is my angel. He makes me fell so good even when I am felling really bad. Thank you sweetie. *mauh*
I love you baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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