This is a page dedicated to all the things that I am very gratefull for.....or the things that I live for and that make me happy....
OK gotta start off with the best thing in the whole world, my boyfriend MARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
now the minor things that will hold me over til I get to marry Marcus ;) hehe
my cat, STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have the best coffee, next is SoBe perferably tsunami, The Gap, Hot topic, American Eagle, Abercrombie, aeropastal, oh my cool pink braclett that lights up when u press the button, EMINEM and all the music that he has ever made, Blink 182, Limpbizkit, mushy songs like the ones Nsync writes that makes me cry sometimes, all those korn hate sites! korn sux, LEOPARD print anything rules and I have evrything that it comes in lol, strawberry dacquaries, pina colidas, long island ice teas, EMERIL LAGASSEE the best cook in the world and my role model, glittery makeup, bleach for hair! lol, thong undies, sunglasses, mustangs, adidas, ankle socks, unexspected visits from friends u havent seen in a long time, warm weather, the beach, dolphins, whales, warm sand, the bright stars, the smell of fresh cut grass, zimas, parties, clubs, bars, big bear hugs, soft gental kisses, sleep!, vacation off school, and last but not least my friends i love you all.
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