This site is dedicated to the greatest american of them all and he just happens to be my favorite singer/celebrity i think u all might know him.....
aka Marshall Mathers
AS u can probally tell, I am a huge eminem fan. And if u cant tell then u are a moran :) lol Eminem is a very inspirational rapper and he's the best out there. I have been a fan since day1. Dont get me wrong, I'm not like stan or anything, but i love eminem. I havent gotten to see him in concert yet he hasnt had a show over here yet. Anywayz enjoy the site took me a while to build this thing! lol and if ur an ICP fan then get off my site u fags. Well if u have any comments about this then sign my guestbook!!
" This is another public service announcement brought to you in part by Nicole Peters, Nicole Peters does not give a fuck what u think. If u dont like it then u can suck her fucking tit. Little did u know, upon logging onto this site, u have just kissed her ass. Nicole Peters is fed up with ur shit; and shes going to kill you. anything else? yeah, sue me"
if u are an eminem fan then u will reconize that public service announcement ;)
heres some cool sites to visit eminem on:
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