2003 Stitching
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An American Sampler - Shepherd's Bush
Started: 2002 (right after it was released)
Finished: Feb. 9, 2003. 
I loved stitching this design.
Cindy in Oregon graphs lettering for those who don't 
like the new style lettering that Shepherd's Bush has been
using.  Here is a
link to her site.  Found the cute frame at my
LNS, Abecedarius in Marietta, GA.

Queen Bee Sampler - Shepherd's Bush
Started: Feb. 17
Finished: March 13 
I stitched as a SAL with a group of ladies from
Shepherd's Bush BB.  It was so much fun!
I used Cindy's Alternative lettering again.  I got the
Jill Rensel Mats at my LNS.

Three Pale Eggs - Shepherd's Bush
Started: March 15.
Finished: March 26
After starting my SB BB I was definitely
in a mood stitch Shepherd's Bush.  I was
also into spring and Easter.  Here is my first
Springy finish.  Shown with Jill Rensel Mats.

Shepherd's Hill - Shepherd's Bush
Started: Feb. 21
Finished: April 5
I love the hill on this one!  I used Cindy's
alternative lettering on this on also.

Egg Basket - Shepherd's Bush
Started: April 10
Finished: April 10
This one only took a few hours to finish. 
Quick and Fun!  A Shepherd's Bush Shop
exclusive with Jill Rensel Mats

Stripes - Shepherd's Bush
Started: May 3
Finished: May 21
A very Sweet and Simple patriotic design using
Thread Gatherer hand-dyed silks.  I used Cindy's Alternative
lettering in this design.

Be True - Shepherd's Bush
Started: Feb. 18
Finished: Feb. 19 
Such a cute little kit.  I just love the silks
used in this design.  Put it in a pink tuck-away.

For a Friend - Shepherd's Bush
Started: Feb. 19
Finished: Feb. 20 
Another Small Heart, I used an old Heart's Content
frame to frame it in.  I changed the lettering as I went.
I love how it turned out.

Spring ABC's - Lizzie*Kate
Started: April 5
Finished: April 9
Very cute and Fun.  I just love the JABC egg button!

Spring Boxer - Lizzie*Kate
Started: April 12
Finished: April 21
Took long than expected, and messed up on the fence!
Oops! :)  I still like the way it turned out.  Need to frame, or
put in a tuck.

Liberty Sampler - Lizzie*Kate
Started: May 4
Finished: May 8
I just did the small portion of the design.  It's stitched
on a light blue 25 ct. evenweave.

French Heart - Shepherd's Bush
Started: May 22
Finished: July 15
For such a small sampler, it sure did take me 
awhile to finish!  I just love the colors in this one.
They are so subtle and so pretty!  This is the first
time I did not use Cindy's Alternative lettering. 

Pray for Peace - Birds of a Feather
Started: April 8
Saw this in my LNS's window and thought it was so
sweet.  Unfortunately it's not finished.  It's on 36 ct. (tiny),
so it's taken me longer than I thought.  I do plan to
finish it up one these days! : )

(no pic yet)

Angel of the Morning - Lavender & Lace
Started: January 2002
Finished: June 14, 2003
I started this shortly after it was released.  It was
love at first site with me.  I put it down for awhile,
stitched some on it, got to the over-1 face and put
it down again.  That unfinished face started to get to
me so I picked it back up and didn't put it down!  I
was determined!!

Titania - Mirabilia
Started: June 14
Finished: August 7
I started this one soon after AOTM.  I just love the pinks
in this design.  I'm going to leave the wings off.
Hopefully it will look ok! : )  I'm stitching her on 28 ct.
Antique Blue Jobelan.  I finally finished!  I'm happy with the way she turned out, even though I feel like I cheated a little bit!  Now I'm back to Cinderella. 
And I did stitch a tiny, tiny bit on
Shimmering Mermaid!  

Cinderella - Mirabilia
Started: May 22
Another WIP!  I started this one, and put it down soon after. 
I guess I wasn't liking as much as I thought I would.  Once
I get Titania done, I plan on picking it back up!

Spring Scissor Fob - Shepherd's Bush
Started: April 27
Finished: April 30
My first fob!  I have a lot to learn about finishing,
but I think it turned out ok!  I definitely need the
practice though!!

Stitcher's Roll - Shepherd's Bush
Started: Jan 99
Finished: April 26
This had been a UFO for so long that I finally decided to
finish it up.  I had originally started with a group on the
CSC BB.  We were supposed to stitch a needle roll
every month, and Stitcher's was January.  Can you tell I didn't get very  far!! : )

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