Naval Academy Summer Seminar
                                        HOOYAH, Class of '08!!!!
Registration at Dahlgren Hall
My roommate Faye and I learn how to make a bed in the military. Sorry the pics are so dark!
Now I know you can barely make them out but this picture is of a Marine martial arts squad. We hoorahed as they demonstrated body hardening technics and starting flipping each other over on the mats.
Faye and me with the Marine Corps Color Guard.
Our squad after 8 hours of Sea-trials. What a blast! I've never had more fun! We ran untold miles, jumped, crawled, slipped and slid through mud, cheered, screamed, swam, completed obstacle courses and team challenges, and did push-ups, sit-ups, and other hardcore drills until we were ready to drop. It was great. It's too bad they only let us do it for 8 hours!
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