About the Page:
     I started this page because I want to be able to spread God's word and tell the ways He has shown His work and love to me in my life.  I got the title from the DC Talk song "Red Letters."  This page is welcome for ideas, comments, and anything that you can think of. 
    I hope that I succeed with what I set out to do.  If you like this page, please tell others about it, Christian or otherwise, because God's love is something to be shared.
   Thank you and God bless you!

About Me:
     My name is Nicole.  I have been a Christian my whole life but not until a while ago realized the power of God's love.
     I live with my family in a small town in Minnesota.  I spend my days at school and my nights talking with my friends via the net and working on this page.
     I know I have a lot of updating to do, but please be patient because my life is so busy!
   If you have any comments, please email me at
[email protected]
Lyrics to the song "Red Letters"
World Wide Study Bible
    This is a link to a website that has the whole Bible available to be read online.  This is a great website and I am so glad that I found it.
How God Has Played a Role in My Life
    These are personal narratives of myself and my friends of how God has played an active role in our lives.
Who is Jesus?
Favorite Religious Writings
Christian Answers Network
    This is a really awesome website recommended to me by a friend.  Check it out!
Life of Christ
    This is a very nice website that gives you the readings of events in Jesus' life along with facts about the people involved in the story.
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My Favorite Parables
My Favorite Stories about Jesus
Links to Other Sites
The Red Letters
He Invites
    A really awesome, inspirational web site that features stories and many great things.
Spreading the message of Christ
Campus Crusade for Christ International
This is a really neat page I found.  Take a look!
Jesus Christ-Images, Art and Photographs
This is where I got some of my images for the site.  Very cool!  Check it out!
Updated July 8, 2002

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