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Why hello there! I'm your guide, Miss Nicole Anell to you. This is a site about ROSWELL, the lovely television show for which I tread the thin line between jaded snarkiness and genuine love. Because of continued fan interest, this site will continue to be updated once in a while for the time being, despite the fact that Roswell has been cancelled. Twice.

Recent Updates

7/6/03 - Dani has a couple of new wallpapers of Max/Tess and Emilie de Ravin.

4/9/03 - More new wallpapers. A couple of new Buffy videos.

3/21/03 - Dani made 2 new wallpapers - one Liz/Kyle and one of Brendan Fehr. Check them out! :)

3/5/03 - Added a Michael/Isabel video to my music video page.

2/6/03 - Not so much in the way of a real update, but I added a new affiliate in CandyDreamGazer Flashes. More music videos is always a good thing. (*cough* speaking of which, anyone who wants to see me all branched out with a Buffy music video site, feel free to click. And remember "temporarily unavailable" is just Angelfire's way of saying I love you.)

Cult Fiction

My Roswell Fanfics - Come on in and read 'em.

Starchild University - A round-robin fic I co-author, created by Lavinia Malfoy.

Acknowlegements - I take a moment to thank the little people.

Roswell Fandom A-Z

Fanforum Glossary - A guide to all those crazy shipper names and abbreviations

Fanfic Dictionary - A listing of common fic-related words like foof and filk (say that three times fast)

An Episode Guide - Maybe it's not the kind of guide you're looking for. Then again, you probably know all the episodes already, don't you?

Son Of An Episode Guide - The Thing That Wouldn't Die, season three. It's back. And I'm bitter.

Miscelleneous Fun

Cliques and Fanlistings - I'm listed. You can be too!

Roswell Soundtracks - It's all about the music

Mighty Big TV Presents: Roswell Survivor! - An archive of the MBTV forum parody. Relive the confessionals, immunity challenges, and tribal councils. Or discover them for the first time.

FAAAB - The Abridged Version - See "Four Aliens and a Baby" like you've never seen it before.

Dani's Roswell Wallpaper - Awesome art to decorate your computer with.

Roswell Dollz - Some cute little guys I made. Mostly Max/Tess and alien stuff.

Roswell Music Videos - Fun with montage movies!

Ellen's Roswell Songs - My friend Ellen likes to (*cough* copy my ideas) make up new lyrics to popular songs so they relate to Roswell.

Roswell Personality Tests - Which "Roswell" character are you? Find out!

The Roswell Pants Page - "Pants" is a funny word.

Funny Screencaps - Wherein Max sucks Tess's nose and Liz & Maria take their clothes off for Michael.

Shameless Plugs - Links and links and links

Who In God's Name Am I?

My Old AOL Homepage - Well, it hasn't been updated for quite some time, but here's a basic idea of who I was in, like, 1999. It's close to who I am now.

Link Me, Baby! - Stick a JARRP button on your site.


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