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Aug. 12th 2001


Nicci has come out of hiding!  Stop the presses!  I'm BAAACK!  And this time I am SERIOUS about my transition, you think I will relapse into that false male self of mine?  You are SO wrong!  I'm back in full force and setting out to make right what was wrong due to biology!  For those of you that have come from Sara's page, Thank you!   To show my appreciation I am now going to start voice coaching.  That's right, after four years of trying to find out who I am, and perfecting my voice along the way, I am finally giving something back to the community!  Within the next few days I will be adding links to helpful sites as well as some helpful hints on getting a female voice.  I will be working with girls on a 1 on 1 basis over ICQ.

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