World Cup Gizmos!
World Cup fever is hitting this country like craxy, and as usual, the Japanese don't do things by halves! Therefore James and I have been swept along on the tide of madness and are amassing an array of weird and wonderful World Cup free gifts! Here's the list so far.....!
From the 30-to-collect lego freebies with Coca Cola:

Lego Goalie,

Lego HotDog Stand,

Lego Coke Stand,

Lego Floodlights,

Lego Advert Barrier,

Lego Stand Seats,

Assorted Pin Badges:

Three from MacDonald's, (Sweden, Argentina and one which got lost)

One from Coke, (since lost)

Two random ones (Senegal and Poland)
Argh - these seemed to be limited edition only - Coca Cola are now doing footballers with big heads (surprisingly the England team choice is Safe Hands Seaman, not Captain Becks!) and the only place I can now find the lego is at Tokyu Hands department store in the collectors' items section!
Four Happy Meal toys bought for 90 yen each by a drunken Nicola after the Sweden match:

A World Cup mascot keyring with a flshy red light in it's tummy!

A yellow-card carrying World Cup mascot with leverable arm and whistle sound!

Two World Cup mascots which kick footballs when you press a button!
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