Yet more dodgy English!
coilecrion (intended to mean "collection"!)
On one of my birthday cards:
Happy Birthday!
I find a flower to you on the street.
On a carrier bag from the \100 shop:
One coin enjoyful life!
Sign at a Tokyo station:
Pratform Information
On a bag:
While there stay blue skies
thoughtful sun
deep blue sea
and mountainsarownd
a white cosy house...
I hope we can find such a happiness in life.

On a bag covered in Union Jacks and the Stars and Stripes:
A tourist bureau
At a convenience store cash till:

A list price costs 5% of the consumption tax additionally.
On a sign advertising a sale:

Summer the bargain

(Summer being intended as an adjective to describe "the" bargain??!!!)
On T-shirts:

Orenge Cake Jam


Meat Lovers Medium Rare


Dare being generally
The point of view of the people whose are various from the common people and the ways of imaging
Exeptive Condect
The degrees of sweetness


Advanced even if it thinks with the head begin!
Revolution near special mind


Not only surfing but anything what you like.
Important is strenuous effort to what you try to do.
So you can find road sign of your enjoy life.

On a gift bag:

Lovely Bear
This joy must be preserved in a jewelry casket so it will never be broken asunder
On a product for making canned beer taste like draft (or something equally stupid)

Let's Beer Great!   (product name)

Any time, Any where
All friends come together and
drink beer with fun.
It's excellent to drink beer with
all the people!
On an advert for cds:

Let's listen to this music and become a happy feeling!
On an advert:

Love your friend together with his fault

(Sweet sentiment, but not English, I'm afraid!)
On an advert for a radio station:

We are making happy!

(Making what happy...? I can't believe they pay for this kind of translation!)
Slogan for a sock shop:

We support your socks life

(My socks aren't cheesy enough to have a life of their own thank you!)
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