Odd English stuff!!!
The Japanese think it is cool to use English expressions, particularly to advertise products - much as in the Uk it is cool to wear tshirts featuring Japanese charaters. Unfortunately something is often lost in the translation......
Some Japanese pop groups:

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

a of Chicken
From the cover of my notepad:

It is our hope that this iteme will become your good friend and help to make your life enjoy-able all the time.

The benefit of this notebook is up to the sense that comes from your passion.
The name of a drink:

Orangeful orange

Written on another drink can:

Joyful vitamin C
Some of these are just silly spelling mistakes, others make perfect gramatical sense but don't sound quite right, and others are just pure nonsense!!!!!
On a bag of crackers:

Petit Moony Potato Starch Cracker

(its not just English they play around with!)
On a can of tea:

Sunlight and mist turn a young leaf into tea. Tea can turn you into something new. Tea. A natural gift of love.
On a box of Hoxy brand tissues:

Hoxy will always offer you a rich and comfortable life with paper.
My friend Fiona's toilet slippers:

Carrots and peaman and greenpeace - oh! I don't like them!

(Peaman is a misspelling of "piman" the word used by the Japanese for red and green peppers. Greenpeace is not intended to mean the environmental group, but "green peas" - much funnier this way though!)
The name of a bookshop chain:

Book Off!
A brand of cheese:

Camembert in Cheese

(What they are actually trying to say is "processed cheese with added camembert extract, ie cheese containing camembert!")
On a menu in a restaurant selling international food:

Long long sausage in Germany
On a packet of Pocky brand biscuits:

Men's Pocky.
Pretzel dipped in dark chocolate for those who enjoy the finer points in life.

(Its a biscuit for heaven's sake, not caviar!)
On a hat:

Cheerful Dog Club
On gift bags:

Gracefulness is one of the feminine virtues.

Cherry. Please help yourself to the cherry.

Reason. Somehow they managed to come here.
On a roll of double sided sticky tape:

User Friendly Quality.
Both Faces Tape.
Express your personality in a freer and  more individualistic manner.
A sign at Kobe Wings Stadium subway station:   

On packaging containing a spoon:

Country Folk.. Affection flowered on the table today as usual.

On a bag:

Joyful Impression
We produce it for whole human beings
On a shop sign advertising a sale:

This shop challenging to price broken.
In this sale.
Mouse Pud.

(can you guess what that was written on?!)
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