Headlines of PDA2
The Black Plague ended some years ago. the HPE started an inquisition in all of its countries against the Protestants. Derkholm changed its religion from Catholic to Protestant. Achilles, Vega, Derkholm, UDR, and a few other countries are going to start a massive war to try and stop the inquisition.

The Black Plague has struck Prodia with a vengeance. It started in the Arabic and countries. The UDR, Derkholm, Orion, and Lyra will be the hardest hit countries by the plague. All other countries will be mild to moderately affected.

The war has ended in 1593. The main victors were Eridados, UDR, and the Garthog Republic.

The Holy Papal Empire is almost complete. Just a few kinks to work out. The capital city of the HPE will be Hochadel, and it will be in the middle of Hannover. All Catholic countries are in it including Vega and Derkholm. Achilles will not be in it. As soon as the HPE was in the finishing stages, King Benjamin III changed the state religion to Protestant. King Kanar III died and his son took over in Vega.

Lyra joined World War I on the side of the Allies. They have already sent some armies to the Garthog region and the Derkholm region.

The Northern Pomeranian-Cambrian War has quickly turned into World War I with the addition of Achilles, UDR, Orion, Derkholm, and Saxony to the war. The war was going quite well for the allied side but he turned around and is beginning to crumble for them. Derkholm was invaded by Achilles and is almost totally taken over. The UDR is sending armies to the area.

Queen Sophia I died in Dongara from food poisoning. Her daughter, Lady Lorraine took the throne for less than a year before being executed. Now, Her son, will take the throne as King Benjamin III. The Northern Pomeranian-Cambrian War has started between Vega, Eridados, Pescara, Teuton, and the Garthog Republic.

The Northern Sinai War is over and the UDR lost. They had to give up their province on the Sinai continent. Eridados and Orion applaude for Syra. King Bejamin Louis Martin II of Achilles died at 75 in Dongara. Now his wife, has taken the throne as Queen Sophia Jean Minuet Martin I. She is pure Orionese and because of that she is trying to make Achilles become a vassal of Orion.

The Dogon tribe that lives in the mid section of the Tianjia continent, has become large enough for Achilles to recognize it as an independent nation.

Syra declared war on the UDR and is fighting for the northern part of the Sinai continent. It will be called the Northern Sinai War.

Achilles politically annexed Lubeck, which used to be owned by Eros. Derkholm, which is a colony of Achilles on Karelica, will become independent soon and will be owned by the new member. The capital will be Dargaville.

Vega successfully colonized Stirland, an island in the Santiago chain.

There are 6 new countries on Prodia. They were formed because of revolts in Lyra, Eros, and Eridados. Those countries are Lubeck, Morelia, Dresden, Halle, Hannover, and Pescara. Lubeck has become a vassal of Achilles.

Vega is going to try to colonize the Santiago Islands. Achilles says good luck. Those islands are filled with natives, jungle, and dangerous creatures.

Vega sold Traecus (Vega's only colony on Caraelia) to Achilles. In reutnr, Achilles gave Vega colonization rights above Achilles and 225.03 pounds.

A new member is joining soon. He is still working out the kinks. He says he wants a lake and a river going to it so Achilles going to have to colonize a part of Karelica.

The war ended! Achilles, Vega, and the UDR come out on top. Eridados and Orion have signed treaties with the winners.

The war is still going on. It is expected to end in 1545 or 1546. Eridados and Orion declared war on Vega and invaded them. One year later, Achilles started to help Vega. Now, they will probably start to take the lead away from Eridados. The UDR still isn't attacking the allies and only Orion and Eridados. No one knows if they will attack Vega and Achilles or not.

The Great Northern War continues. Vega and Achilles have moved armies to the  eastern front to be ready for an Eridadonian invasion. Achilles has also moved a few armies into the Bay of Bristol area because Orion and Eridados have a few fleets there.

2 new countries have split off of Syra. The first one is called Corinthia. Its capital is Latakia. The other is Hamunaptra. And its capital is also named Hamunaptra.

This war was renamed to the Great Northern War instead of the War of the Lorient. It started in 1537. Orion made the first strike by moving about 4 armies to the Rocher-Normandy area. The UDR retalliated by moving about 5 or 6 armies to the area. Including the infamous General Cornwallace. Tavington has been promoted from colonel to general. He will control his own army soon.

It is now 1535. The wars between Delphi, orion, Garthog, Naxos, and Lyra continue. Those wars will end soon. Tensions between Vega and Eridados seem to be getting worse. A war will break soon between Orion, UDR, Eridados, and Vega. Possibly Achilles. That war will be called the War of the Lorient.

Vega has attack plans for Eridados. Achilles is colonizing Caraelia. The UDR put a new colony on Sinai. A country has split off of Syra and is called Corinthia.

A new map has been created that has all of the names for continents, oceans, mountain ranges, etc.

Achil-Vaga split earlier than their planned 1538 split date. They are now seperate countries:Achilles and Vega.

Delphi has told Achil-Vaga of a rich island. No one has ever stepped foot on it. (no one civilized). They said it could be covered wiyh vast gold deposits and the soil could be the best to grow crops. There might be natives or pirates on the island.

No wars have broken out yet but they're sure to happen pretty soon.

It is now a time of peace for Achil-Vaga. But for Delphi and Orion, things are just starting to spark up. Also, the Garthog Republic and Lyra are trying to colonize the same island as each other. Achil-Vaga's Civil Seperation Act of 1538 is coming soon.

The war is finally over. It lasted from 1512 to 1516. The Dargslans suffered the most casualties. It was thought to be a sea war but turned out to be just like the revolution. The Dargslans signed a treaty with Achil-Vaga saying that they will not impress any more sailors or ships and will let all Achil-Vagan trade, military, or personal ships sail freely and without any attacks or boardings what so ever.

The war is almost over. Seems to be a boring, long war. It'll probably be over next year. It's 1515.

War is slowing down. Public support doesn't seem to be big. But the Achil-Vagans are still winning slightly. The year is 1514.

Plans for Achillean exploration and colonization?

It is now 1513, and the Achil-Vagans and Eridadonians have the upper hand. They have won 5 out of 9 major battles so far.

Dargslan blockades are all around Achil-Vagan and Eridadonian ports. Trade with foreign countries has gone down for Achil-Vaga, meaning less money and less of a military.

The War of 1512 has started between Achil-Vaga, Eridados, and the UDR. The war will be fought both at sea and in Achil-Vaga and possibly Eridados. The UDR will probably defeat Achil-Vaga because they have only been an independent nation for 2 years.

Finally, all the city names and things have been chosen for each country. We had to chose through more than 154 names.

The Civil Seperation Act will come soon, possibly around 1538. This will split Achil-Vaga into Achilles and Vaga. No wars will be fought between Achilles and vaga at that time.

The War of 1512 is coming soon. The Dargslans are accused of impressing thousands of Achil-Vagan sailors and hundreds of their ships. Swift action must be taken. Eridados is already fighting the UDR. The war starts in 2 years.

Achil-Vaga has chosen to stay as one nation. They will have a king that rules Achilles and Vaga.

  The War of Achil-Vagan Independence is over! Achil-Vaga won. Right now, Achil-Vaga will stay as one country for about ten years or so.

   The War of Achil-Vagan Independence started against the Dargslans.
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